Saturday, August 15, 2009

The One With Blue & White China

hullo, long time no see!

i shall be moving my blog! soon. sometime this week. because i've got the whole week off. college has been real hectic the past two weeks thank God the break is here. it's only been a month and yet I've found another Yasogee to battle with -.- but shan't go on about that, it's over and I'm satisfied with everything now.

anyway, short summarized updates :

okay lah Kar Heng, English is hard.

se-rious-ly-can-kill. well technically, i'm taking Lit but it's really hard. i got my learning skills report and i got A for everything but English. not that i deserve an A cos to get an A in that class i'd have to be super good. which i'm not fml.

i like tests!

for Families and Math lah. for English, no.


first Derrick says my face got chubbier and now everything else did too.

ignorant people, if you're preaching about something where you don't even have firsthand experience on, just don't preach about it.

it pisses me off when i have to talk to people who think CIMP/ICPU is supershiteasy. for the last time, easy to pass but difficult to score - like everything else. you know what, come do it yourself and see how easy it is. quit spraying spit all over other people's decisions cos i happen to be proud that i didn't take the typical routes and nothing you say is going to change that. Veena was right, it's so frustrating to talk to you. but it's okay, we'll show you how wrong you are. gonna be one hell of a slap in the face for trying to undermine me.

culture shock.

things are very different now. i'm friends with people who are very different from what i'm used to (i don't have any friends from an SMK school) and it's teaching me a lot. but at the same time, i miss speaking broken Engrish. sigh. it's so bad to the extent that when i hear a CIMP student speak in a Cina accent, i feel all awkward and just don't talk much.

Student Council.

i hear this sem is not as happening as the last one and it's got to be true cos i didn't expect this out of CIMP. during the first theme day, i walked around with a flower in my hair for the first period then took it off when no one else seemed to have anything on (it was Wear-Something-On-Your-Head Day). but i'm glad i ran for Secretary anyway. i just feel very bad cos i kept missing a lot of things for my assignments and presentations and i feel even worse when i run into my President cos he looks all discouraged. i think i got it reeeeal easy back in school cos here it's way harder when the board is made up of a variety of people. but! if i have the time, i want to do more than kickass minutes. ;)

Big Lump.

i see him everyday but it's almost as if i see him less. i think because when we were apart, we text all day long. and also, i used to tell him about stuff from work but now it'd be about classes and my brilliant English teacher - which he doesn't like hearing about wtf they're all very interesting okay! plus now that we're in college together, it's usually only texts about the parking ticket and car keys lol. then weekends i feel bad for spending time with him cos we saw each other everyday in the week. haih have to start dating once a week ade.

i miss my Big Lump. :(

will post one last post before moving blog! it'll be the clue to the new one, it's gonna be another thing idontbelievein. but when i told Veena and Karven and Jits and Kar Heng, they didn't get it so yeah. i'll prolly let just the people i link know. bubye for now and to some, bubye for good :D

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