Thursday, July 30, 2009

The One With Our 27th Monthaversary

because we are so nauseatingly cheesy like that. this month i expected the usuals when our monthaversary rolled by. for me to remember and him to forget and when i nagnagnag that he doesn't care anymore!/that he's such a pig!/that he has no romance left in him! - he will giggle like a girl over the phone and make up one of his epic lame excuses (that i actually like hearing cos it gets more and more ridiculous over the years wtf).

so i was shocked when i got in the car on Tuesday morning and he handed me a bouquet of pink roses. and and what's even better is that, i wanted to do something for him too. cos i know the past few weeks have been difficult for him having to see me everyday and wait for me and tolerate me being such a girl (being late, losing parking ticket, being very late).

except, all i wanted was to tapau his fav chicken rice for his break.

he gets roses, i get chicken rice. damn romantic. -.-

and based on the reaction i got parading my roses around all day, my friends have a superbly high tolerance for cheesiness. i just never appreciated it, you guys are so awesome! *sniff*

but yea. cos my friends at college were gagging so hard they were ready to make me eat the roses just so i'd die and the cheesiness would end wtf.

i got Secretary! :D

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