Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The One With Ewwy Here & There & Everywhere

hullo, everybodeh!

it's been about 3 weeks since college started and there was something i've been meaning to talk about but because it's shit embarrassing, i didn't want to until i absolutely had to in hopes that it will go away by the time i had to. yea.

see, before college - heck prob before SPM even - everyone was talking 'bout how they were scared they wouldn't make any friends at college. and i remember thinking, ah i'll be okay. especially after JAK started and everyone did fine. Jun-Elle even got exactly what i wanted, all guy friends only. so it couldn't be that hard right?

aand of course, i got dealt the worst cards and seriously, after the first week - i was so sure i was doomed. not that i didn't talk to anyone, Lord knows i tried. but i found it hard and unnatural most of the time and i couldn't click just like that with anyone. and what's worse Din had to babysit me alot lol sorry to his friends who had to have me tag along during breaks.

but it's all good now :) and i didn't get all-guy friends like i wanted but the people i've found so far are really whoa. like whoa. yea, whoa. wtf.

everything in the classroom is going alright except maybe for math. i don't know how to explain why it sucks balls but it's probably due to having Derrick for two years and i'm not used to a math teacher being so um, different. total opposite of Derrick. my lecturer is no Yasogee but at the same time i don't want to do anything in class 'cept sit in the corner and do all my work because if i followed every step i'd probably fall into a deep sleep and nevar wake up wtf.

i've a quiz tomorrow (see, when i should be studying i blog instead) and i'm running for Student Council Secretary gahaha! Gahaha cos i'm only running because there's apparently no one else running wtf haha. i decided against it at first cos i'm having a hard time juggling my work (okay lah i procrastinate like shit) but then went back on board. i wonder why nobody wants to be Secretary though. i worked like a dog but it was worth the eyebags and caffeine addiction. so Esther for Secretary and oh oh - Karven for PRESIDENT! die lah we's gonna be setting our campuses on fire lol.

shall leave things at that and hopefully i'll get pictures from somewhere to post up. superdork out.

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