Thursday, April 16, 2009

The One With Vulturous Salesgirls

1. it's been 3 days at the new job. so far the most difficult task i've had to do was scanning a stack of tender drawings with an ancient scanner that hates me. to think i expected to be running around getting coffee and becoming BFFs with the copy machine. so far i've been rotting away doing math questions on Cliffs Notes and reading FML. best - job - ever!

2. anyone in ICPU/CIMP have an Advanced Functions book you don't need anymore? i can't find one online to steal T.T

3. yesterday i was thinking how sad it is that this company has three floors and no microwave oven then later one of the architects came in and announced, 'petition for microwave!' lol.

4. go check this out : Story of Stuff. screw Earth Hour, spreading this is worth more than a hundred houses with its lights turned off.

5. i'm going for a super short haircut tomorrow. i've been jumping back and forth between 'do it! you've been wanting this for ages!' and 'don't do it! keep the space helmet! Lady Gaga would be proud' God, this time, no funny business okay.

6. earlier when i went down to get lunch, there was this fat Indian man walking in my direction. just as he was about to pass me, he walked a little closer and said, 'Nice legs.' WTF! (no i was not wearing shorts -.-)

7. i think the reason why my superior doesn't give me work is because she has none. she's just like me, sitting at her computer surfing. best - job - ever!

8. i haven't seen JAKE in ages.

9. again, are we only allowed to have three bridesmaids? cos i think i found number 4. he'd look a bit stupid in a dress though haha.

10. you know how Einstein invented the atomic bomb but never meant for it to be used to destroy like it did? i think i just pulled an Einstein. me and my scheming.

11. OMG it's 5.56pm! BYEEEE!

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