Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The One With The Permanent Space Helmet Look

dear God, yesterday before i took a deep breath and let my usual hairstylist straighten my hair - i thought we had an agreement that it will look fantastic. it won't be lala straight, it won't be stick-to-my-head flat.

and yet now, i look like our Form1 volleyball coach when she rebonded her hair for her birthday - making her look like she had a space helmet on.

AARRGH. okay, i'll admit i like how soft it is and how i can do my work without my hair tickling my chin cos it no longer curls in but the shape is like shit. so eventhough the hairstylist told me i can only wash my hair after 2 days, i washed it about 23 hours later.

Karven said the first day it'll suck. so did Din (don't ask me how he knows).

they better be right. no pictures till October. tah.

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