Monday, April 20, 2009

The One Where Robin Was Really William

in the past 1 week i have :

  • started a new job where for once, my size doesn't make everyone treat me like a kid. -.-
  • i have straightened my hair.
  • i've cut my hair much shorter. the stylist shaved the back of my hair! and for once, i actually like my hair. *run fingers through hair and sighs happily* Butthead thinks i look butch though. :(
  • walked all the way home from work in heels!
  • sprayed my boyfriend with spit by accident (burst out laughing nyehehe).
  • spent a total of RM600 in like 3 days. so NOT me. but mostly on Butthead's present so don't feel that guilty.

and today i'm gonna just add one more :

  • gonna re-pierce my nose.

can't wait can't wait! the next week is gonna be real packed. :)

24th - Butthead's 19th.
25th - Hari Anugerah Cemerlang (woo i actually get to go!).
27th - Eve of Anniversary. Finally dinner somewhere with more than one selection of pasta me no likes you Tony Roma's T.T
28th - Anniversary! 2 years already and i'm still crazy about chu Sweetpea. (awww - pause - okay you may gag now)
30th - Butthead's birthday party.

so gonna pierce nose again later. let's all put our hands together and pray that this time, the hole will be tiny and won't fly out when i'm laughing/sneezing/squeezing my nose to show disapproval. have a great week everyboody, i know i will. :D :D

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