Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The One With Sleeping Habits Like A 70-Year-Old

i have been in bed by 10 the past few nights that it's scaring me. this new job is very, very not tiring at all but i think the walk home daily really adds up cos whenever i get home all i wanna do is shower then zzz. then i'll skip dinner and zzz till 6 then i'll be so happy cos 3 hours to get ready for work!

which really means : 3 hours of Will&Grace!

so this is what working life feels like. i've even forgotten how stress feels like. O.O

on Tuesday when i got my nose repierced, it was more painful than usual. i ran into Jun-Elle and her mom and Phil right after and okay, Jun-Elle - if you saw something in my nose it wasn't booger okay. cos when i got home, i realized that there was something in my nose. you know that thing you have behind earrings to hold it? I HAD ONE IN MY NOSE. damn scary okay! there wasn't one when i pierced before so the guy must've left it there or he put it there cos i was complaining that eh my stud always flies out when i laugh lah i keep losing studs and so he sticks some foreign object up my poor nostril.

so i spent an hour with a tweezer with my eyes shut trying to pull it out. oh but before that - because i don't know how earrings work never wore a pair in my life - i tried unscrewing it -.- when all that did was turn the stud round and round. finally after a while i puuulled and it came off.

and then blood started gushing out like the Niagara Falls.

haha okay no that didn't happen that was just to make Veena gag.

pictures over the weekend! :)

PS : phone's gone haywire so if i don't reply or your calls can't get through - sorry! anything urgent um call my Mom please she will direct your call wtf.


'Esther, later there's a man coming to fix the toilet - open the door for him ah.'

Later :

*diiiiiiiiing doooooooong*

'Hello, who are you looking for?' (through the intercom)
'Hello datang buat jamban!'


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