Friday, March 20, 2009

The One With Mr. Happy & Little Miss Giggles

okay so this is probably waay too late but i insist on posting my Vday entry since the Butthead went through so much trouble and was very prompt with passing me the pics ;) soo rewind to about a month back - 14th of February. i think this year Valentine's was huge for us compared to last year. last year we were very content on just a gift and spending the night with each other.

this year he booked a hotel room and i made reservations at the Apartment - 3 weeks before the 14th O.O must be Norman's influence lah this year lol.

he picked me up at about 6 cos the very cold manager at the Apartment called and said our table'll be gone if we don't make it by 15 minutes past 7.30. i think it's my kiddy-phone voice. do i sound like a kid on the phone? do i? cos once i called one of Din's friends and when he hung up, he was like, 'wtf wei i thought it was one of my sister's friends calling me' and that made me emo cos wth i sound like a 5-year-old on the phone!

okay so back to that night. hmm what did we eat ah. i know there was some purple cabbage thing that had a caramel-toffeeish taste to it with lamb roast. oh i remember dessert well though. see right, i thought we'd both be a little awkward since it's not everyday we go to fancy schmancy restaurants and have both of us dolled up to the max (we looked like we planned our outfits, both in black and red damn cheesy lol) but surprisingly we were talking loads and making fun of other couples haha!

like like, there was this one couple sitting outside (and if you've been to The Curve on weekends you'll know the flea market's there so there're ALOT of people around) and they were feeding each other. okay lah romantic lah but i only feed my boyfriend when he's got his hands busy or dirty or he's eating something else. oh then there was this other couple - who sat across from each other - and the guy had a DSLR and he was taking pictures of his girlfriend 'cept his camera was so huge the lens were practically at her nose but still can pose like nobody's business.

where was i? oh ya dessert. so we were talking alot and i was taking my own sweet time eating (he'd already finished, naturally) and i'd my fork in my hand with a piece of lamb and was talking about something when i noticed his eyes darting back and forth between the piece of lamb and my mouth -.- he was so eager for dessert but felt bad to rush me cos it's Valentine's Day (oh but on a regular day he'd whine, 'eh can you faster ah?'). so we laughed and i pitied him and finished my main course and we got our strawberry-whippedcream-honeycomb-chocolate parfait dessert.

after dinner we went back to MidValley to the hotel room. it was a loong way back cos he'd forgotten the card and the DVD and he had to run back to get it at the carpark but didn't want me to go with him into the carpark in case there was a fight (wth) and make it harder for him to escape cos i can't run fast (wth).

this was when we'd just arrived - the Butthead all dolled up.

okay so the only thing on my mind when we were about to enter the room was to kick off my heels and open the box of Belgian chocolates i brought. but when he opened the door, i saw this instead :

then he turned on the lights with a big smile on his face :


it really meant alot to me, despite how cheesy it is, cos you see - for a long time i believed my boyfriend has hung up his shining armour and parked his white horse in the stables to neigh and die for good and without warning, it seemed like a Neanderthal had taken his place instead. but he still manages to surprise me. ;)

very lazy to elaborate so nah - peekchures :

the next morning :

then it was breakfast (our food was all half-eaten when we took pictures so no point la it looks more gross than appetizing to post up), back upstairs to watch some more TV and then i had to go off to work. :(

i really appreciated it all though, i can almost see him writhing in pain inside when he said all the sweet stuff, killing the macho image he's adopted lol. okay done with the 1 and half month late post. i think i'll start a whole series of events i never got around to posting. like the Prefects' Farewell and the surprise farewell party from the Interact Club BOD.


i realized my stat counts last week doubled - starting from the day we got our SPM results. so i see alot of people probably came in hopes of rejoicing over my lack of A's and maybe an emo post. but no such luck muahaha.

anyway lemme give a detailed walkthrough of that wonderful morning. see, i told Jordan to SMS when he sees ex-form 5s arriving. cos i don't wanna be there. cos the Obor printer fucked the whole magazine up. i don't know why the hell they insisted on tweaking with Khalis's designs when they were PERFECT to begin with.

okay so Veena called at 10.30 and said we're leaving and i was like, shit! cos i thought we'd go at 11 and Jordan had just SMSed saying there are people there already. so i went down with all the SPBT books i never returned, dropped them, cursed while i packed them up, ran into Veena's dad's car and *vroom* we reached school.

Jordan came down to take my old Sej notes and since he was there i asked him to carry my books and he said i got 10A's and i was like, 'EH DON'T AH! DON'T LIE AH!' cos i don't wanna be happy then only to see a B (BM) or a C (Sejarah) on my slip. when i walked into the Open Hall, teachers were congratulating Veena and i and i got even more nervous and when Pn. Margaret said, 'Esther, congratulations' i asked what did i get what did i get! but she didn't tell me wth. so i got my books settled (had to bloody pay RM47.10 for the fine) and waited in line while trying to get Rethnam/Crystal to get a peek at my slip cos i was gonna die from the suspense aaah.

then finally my turn came - i got my results slip, folded it, went aside and opened it aaand -

- 8A1's and 2A2's. =D

better than i could've ever hoped for. the 2A2's were for EST and BM. i was so happy over my Add Math and Moral and Sej that i didn't care, eventhough Sean called and laughed at me when i said i got A2 for EST pfft. the first person i called was Din, then Derrick then my mom. Derrick was still asleep lol. so now i'm applying for scholarships and despite how i've had people pressuring me to go to colleges i don't want to go to, i'm not giving in till i've tried all the best. i honestly don't think i'm a snob to wanna go to the list i'm applying to.

i've worked hard for this, i deserve to go somewhere where i'll be happy. i'll update on the applications soon. :)

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