Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The One With How Tuh Roll

Happy Sniffs :

1. fresh laundry.
2. Butthead's clothes when accidentally dipped in softener.
3. DKNY's Be Delicious.
4. very first cologne Butthead wore, was Hugo Boss something i think.
5. Famous Amos cookies.
6. coffee in the morning.
7. my hair, after using butterscotch-scented conditioner.
8. carbonara sauce.
9. Derrick's strawberry tea.
10. Saint Cinnamon.
11. teriyaki sauce.
12. Butthead's pillows.
13. neighbour's cooking.
14. baby powder.
15. fresh sweet basil leaves.
16. warm kaya & butter toast.
17. caramel popcorn.
18. money.

writing this, i remembered something - my friends and i used to sniff this boy in our class back in Form 3 whenever he walked past us. i don't remember what he smelled of, but i do know we liked it very much. :P

then there was this other time we were called out of class and one of our seniors were near us while another was telling us something. when they left, i turned to Karven and said, 'Zu Yee smelled like strawberries.' and she replied, 'Maybe she's a strawberry in disguise.' hahaha wth!

and back in '06, everytime we walked past Andrea we'd smell cookies.

then there was the morning before the Butthead's last scouts marching competition, also his birthday, and also when we first kissed. apparently i am to blame for all the mistakes he made during the competition after that kiss, cos my perfume was on his shirt and he could smell me the whole time wth.

what're your happy sniffs? :)

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