Monday, February 09, 2009

The One With The Will To My Grace

the boss's wife just called! to tell me! that! she's not coming to work today! hallelujah! i love working alone! i've this fat list of things to do alone but definitely am way happier to do it with no direction than with her around. she's nice and everything, but my built-in smoke alarm for Manglish is extremely sensitive. 

one sentence and i'll start flinching.

after finishing one season of Will & Grace, i really want a gay bff. :( Aaron's great and all but deep inside we both know he's straight. or do we? okay fine shan't wade in denial. he's straight. he'll never be able to really go lingerie shopping with a girl without looking at her all funny.


last night when i was clearing up my desk and erasing all traces of SPM from it, replacing it with my novels - i found old cards from previous Interact Club Valentine's Day finance projects.

'Thank you for being the best friend to me.....'

imperfect English, too many dotdotdots and kinda awkward. it was a mere 2 years ago. for the first time since i started cutting links, i felt bad. i thought of sms-ing and just asking how he's doing but too much has changed. 

she was wrong, not all things go back to the way they were before we were thrown into the fire.

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