Monday, February 09, 2009

The One With Drama In Exchange For Votes

this, ladies and gents, is how i spent my unsupervised day at work yesterday - entering a Valentine's Day contest. i was instantly tempted because the prizes are either a vacation in Langkawi (woo can get Aaron's birthday present!) or Bali. it's basically posting a classifieds of what you'd like to do for your Valentine and then get your friends to vote so vote for me! (haha never thought i'd have to say this for any other reason than running for something) i've copy and pasted my entry below, please vote for me and i'll write less boring posts. maybe even write something personal or controversial woo O.O or i may reveal which blogger Karven and i loathe to no end. i'll tell you why, what she does to piss us off (okay more like piss Karven off but because i love her i get pissed off also wtf) aand include pictures. Very, very Xiaxue.

but all that - will be revealed only if you vote for me haha.

okay lah vote only if you think i deserve it. i did spend a while on rhyming the clues so pity me lah. in my entry i wrote about planning a mini treasure hunt for the Butthead on Valentine's Day morning :

early on Vday morning, i'll set up a mini treasure hunt for the Boyfriend to start off the day with a full tummy and warm fuzzies. warning : PG-13 content.

'ingredients' :
Boyfriend's li'l brother.
his fav choice of breakfast - nasi lemak, chocolate milkshake.
something sweet - Hershey's kisses. (because it's earned a role in anything couple-cheesy.
a new strip of the Dinofly Comic (our very own comic strip).
witty clues.

Clue 1 (location - bathroom mirror) :

g'morning sunshine,
when you read this you've probably still got traces of drool on your face,
but *clapclap* wake up cos i've scattered a few things for you to find,
the first is hidden within the four corners where we got to second base.

Clue 2 (location - his pillow; item - pack of nasi lemak) :

*gasp* you must've,
'how did this get here when a minute ago my head was on it?'
yep your mini you* is in on this little hunt i've wove,
a task is to be completed for the next clue - whatever it is he demands, you are to fulfill the deed.

*his little brother.

(after he does whatever it is his bro asks for)

Clue 3 (location - assumed to be held hostage by brother but is actually in the fridge; item - chocolate milkshake) :

how's it taste, the Tony Roma's concoction that i've tried to clone?
you're probably a little anxious now,
with the yummies you've found making your tummy groan,
just proceed to your silver steed* and you'll find everything else, i vow.

*his car.

the comic strip will be stuck behind his windshield wiper and the Hershey's kisses scattered all over the hood of his car. attached with the comic strip'll be a pink bag (for him to collect all the chocolates and a note - 'can't wait to see you tonight :)')

Vote here : Click 'sort by date posted' and mine should be towards the top. You can tell by the super cheesy picture i used lol. There're two parts for my entry so vote for the first.

Happy Valentine's, everyone. :)

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