Saturday, February 14, 2009

The One With The Morning After

1. i got elbowed in the face thrice throughout the night.
2. we nearly got cheated out of getting our second 'Tower Of Affection' dessert at The Apartment.
3. we left the camera in the car. ergo, no pictures of our fancy food. :(
4. we're scared to death that we've to pay for the hotel bedsheets. cos of stains from the rose petals, mind you.
5. when i was playing in the bathroom, i weighed myself and i gained 1 kg T.T T.T T.T
6. no bubble bath.
7. aand it was the best Valentine's Day ever! :D

i saw so many couples out yesterday. before this i told myself to not wade in how excited i was about the 14th in case i got overexcited and splashed my little pool of happy glow at innocent passers-by. especially those who're bitter 'bout the 14th.

but yesterday, i threw all that away and behaved according to how i felt - a smitten, giggly girl out with her boyfriend. cos you never know when you're in for a Valentine's Day drought. so live in the moment. ;)

pictures asap! all super-staged, get your gag gears ready. :P

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