Saturday, February 07, 2009

The One With Gamophobia

10.50am :

i declare today Multiple Posts Day. at work now and i am too lazy to get Twitter so i'll be adding posts throughout the day. there's another birthday party and i'm a little terrified by the number of sullen kids. why do parents plan birthday parties to start at 10 in the morning?


1.53pm :

just finished with the birthday party. i'm having lunch and watching the Wedding Planner. i've turned up the volume to its max but still the kids are drowning out everything. saw loadsa cute kids with matching cute dads hehe. alright back to reading lips.


3.29pm :

still on lunchbreak. :P


4.16pm :


2+ hours more to go! T.T i've kinda made my target today so i think i'm gonna stop now. or maybe later i'll get up again and ask people to buy our stuff. which i feel horribly guilty for trying to sell. i took pictures of these two siblings who were so adorable - the brother was hugging his little sister with his head on hers and they both had on the cutest forced smiles ever.


5.31pm :


bored bored bored. grabbed a photo of Facebook and played with Photoshop. one more birthday party and i'm free! :D


6pm :

behind the booth; green screen; my tiny li'l corner; arrr.

pack-up in half an hour. logging out now, g'bye.

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