Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The One With The Waffle Man

sometimes i think i'm the luckiest girl in the world. of course many of you would not see it. wtf where got lucky nose so fat when you smile; always wear black, white and grey; eyebrows not even; hair so fugly, etc.

i've been reading Cecelia Ahern's A Place Called Here. i thought i'd have to force myself into finishing it cos it's pretty windy and Karven said it was her least Cecelia Ahern novel. but i'm starting to like it. the heroine complains alot about how she hates who certain people in her life see when they look at her. she hates who she is in their eyes. and that's why she avoids those certain people.

for what seems like only a few months - but it's actually 20 months now (woo can fit two babies in there) - i like who he sees when he looks at me. i think i'm pretty psychotic as a girlfriend. the only plus i can think of having me around is he has someone to correct his spelling and grammar wtf. like the other day he ordered steak for dinner during Sharon's party and he spelled it as 'stake'. the thing you use to kill a vampire wtf.

but still he looks at me like i'm the nicest, sweetest, politest girl he's ever known. still he treats me like the smartass i used to be and tells me to not go for certain courses cos it'd be 'a waste of my talents'. i don't know what these talents he speaks of look like or where i've put them - cos i can't seem to see them - but it cons me into believing i can bulldoze all the other competition out there with 'em.

that is, if i ever find out what they are.

PS : leaving nose piercing to close and repiercing before college because all my studs keep falling out. i lost two within a week. T.T

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