Thursday, January 01, 2009

The One With The Bests Of 2008

Happy New Year! More like belated anyway.

I haven't posted anything for about what, 2 weeks? It's been a real blur though things just kept popping up and with the Butthead on hols, it's practically heaven we can see each other so often compared to when he's got college. Speaking of college, i suppose it's settled i'll be going to Sunway for CIMP. I've gotten over my initial reaction to having to resort to Sunway instead of Taylor's for the Canadian Pre-U (that i'm going to be studying something meant for dumbasses) after the Butthead assured me that there're smart people in that course and it's not some slacker course. Not that i've the biggest brains known to man on my shoulders, but it's always better to be the dumbest amongst the smart than the smartest amongst the dumb.

So anyway - it just hit me the other day that school's starting next week! And i won't have to go! I wonder when the whole i-miss-school thing is suppose to hit cos i'm absolutely not getting it at all. In fact, not feeling stressed the past month has been so great. I forgot what it even felt like to be able to read all i want till 3 in the morning and not feel guilty when i wake up that i've wasted precious time that could've been used for studying.

Oh and i'm only starting college in July. =D Even though Veena thinks i'm gonna be a bum till i totally lose my nerding momentum from taking such a long break from studying, i'm gonna use that time very wisely and either do things i love or things that'd make me money wtf. So alot of working ahead i suppose. And it's good in a way, i've always had something to do since i was Form 2 that i really never had holidays when i supposedly was on holiday.

Okay since 2008 finally got its fat ass out the door, i shall list the bests of the year - my very excited and happy wave goodbye to the most stressful year ever.

Starting with - Best Day Of The Year :

No denying it, IU Day.

I was happy, relieved, glad, proud - especially proud, and ecstatic. And that was after it was over, imagine how i was during the whole thing.

Best Pastime Of The Year

I couldn't read anything new the whole year cos of SPM but the one thing i always made time for was seeing the Butthead. It's like when i spend time with him we're in this bubble where icky stuff like school and studying didn't exist. And we'd having conversations full of nonsense where we're babbling away with serious expressions like our rubbish makes total sense.

Sleepovers are even better, we'd promise to study till late late at night but we'd end up watching TV till probably 1 and he'd pass out, then i'd have to turn off the lights and TV while he's dead asleep with his mouth lolling open. Last night we were so sleepy that i think he forgot i was there next to him. At one point his whole arm wrapped around my head and my face was completely covered - suffocating me.

Best Triumph Of The Year

I'm not sure if i can say best triumph but it'd have to be that feud between my petty English teacher and me (there i said it!). It was probably pretty risky, given she was mentally unstable and all, but deciding to not let her mark my trial paper was so amusing even if she might've badmouthed me to the other teachers. Imagine you get the highest you've ever gotten all year, from a C at the start of the year and now suddenly an A1 (she only did that cos she got chicken when my Mom wrote a letter to request for another teacher to mark my paper hah) and the kid goes, 'No i want marks i deserve. I'll get another teacher to mark my paper, thankyou.' which really is me saying, 'I don't want a nutjob grading me.'

Best TV Show Of The Year

According to me, despite how i used to go on and on about Veronica Mars - this year i award the No. 1 spot to Samantha Who. It's everything a girl'd wanna watch when stuff like Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill has too much drama for your taste. This matters to me okay, i watch a bajillion TV shows every week. Oh speaking of which, has anyone watched Skins before? Apparently it's suppose to be as good as Gossip Girl but i don't get what they're saying half the time!

Best Dish Of The Year

I've only tried the pasta (the Golden Clam spaghetti in cream sauce mmm) from Hao Wei Dao this year indirectly cos of SPM. See, i usually never touch pasta or fast food or junk food when i'm not having big exams like PMR or SPM but when i do, i usually just let myself eat anything cos i've this i-need-the-energy tune replaying through my head. My normal diet really gets to me when i've to study alot cos i basically eat rabbit food pfft. Not literally lah, but alot of greens and i can go for months without eating any fast food. I remember when i was really determined to not eat any rubbish (even mamak food is counted), i'd have a bowl of muesli (gross to me but it's filling) before our Friday nights out so i won't accidently order anything more than roti out of hunger.

Best Caffeine Fix Of The Year

Earl Grey - once i stayed up till 5 after drinking it and slept for an hour and went to school but i felt fine. No headaches in the afternoon either. I've shed off my addiction to the Old Town milk tea (i feel sick whenever i drink it now) and i'm in love with the strawberry tea Charis got for me from Camerons which Derrick made for us before in class.

Best Object Of Ridicule Of The Year

Obviously i can't mention her name - oops now you know it's a girl - but even without Karven and my wit to come up with reasons to add to the pile of existing reasons about how she sucks, her own blog is practically a goldmine. Sure she has little friends to defend her - compared to her, they are little - but honestly if an impartial party were to speculate, he or she would have to give in that the girl is an imbecile who says all sorts of things that don't make sense and is practically screaming, 'LOOK AT ME! READ MY BLOG! I'M SO COOL EVEN IF MY GRAMMAR AND BASICALLY EVERYTHING I SAY DOESN'T MAKE SENSE BUT I REALLY AM COOL REALLY REALLY'.

Oh, award for biggest attention whore'd goes hands down to her as well.

I may go to hell for the amount of times i laugh at how funny Karven gets when she's mocking her and of course - joining in, but i honestly think i'd be able to reason with Hades it's really not my fault because the girl really is that stupid.

Best Purchase Of The Year

It's this dress i bought for Butthead and my anniversary and i wore it to IU Day underneath the cape. It costed me only RM25 and i bought it on a whim. I think i shall buy my dresses for formal events that way from now on. Just go shopping months before a reason presents itself and get a dress. I don't know why but i tend to never find anything i like if i go a week before.

Best Gift Of The Year

Best Gift to me - It has to go to my friends when they cooked for my birthday. I'm really sorry i was so sick but it was really perfect for the hermit i am. =)

Best Gift from me (and Jits) - the fedora for Kar Heng. You have NO IDEA how happy i was when i found it in Times Square. And after spending so much time there, i see alot of things sold on online boutiques for double the price. Seriously, RM25 dresses are bursting through every store in that place and you go pay RM50 for the same one. Sure, you won't have to be around the kinda crowd that's there but paying 100% more seems such a waste.

Alright now i tag :

Kar Heng

G'night everyone. =)

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