Saturday, January 10, 2009

The One Where 'It Should Be Africa Right?'

hello wonderful, wonderwall speaking.

i've had the most boring good week. i started another job, this time doing admin work at an insurance agency with my mom. it's very dull work, nothing compared to W.I.P. but the fact that i can go to work at lunchtime cos i'm sleepy is a plus. i feel bad but still - getting to sleep all i want is an advantage. on my second day my boss's wife (who's supposed to be telling me what to do) spent my last two hours calculating premiums for if i bought thisthisthatthat insurance wtf.

last night was spent at Wonks'. Karven is officially the new sleepyhead huhu she fell asleep way before i did. then i mentioned food to Jun-Elle and got her tummy rumbling so we snuck past her dad who was sleeping infront of the TV to get to instant noodles. they've all started college already and i heard so many new names it made my head dizzy. =(


Din told me 'bout this woman who'd just had a baby and i suppose she was suffering from baby blues cos when her husband had to divide his time between her and the newborn, he started paying more attention to the baby and the mom got jealous and stuck the baby in the oven and roasted it.


then i was like, 'Shit i don't think i can have babies! I'd probably do that if i'm all depressed after giving birth better get a dog and train first wtf.'

and then he started saying 'bout how if he was the guy who's in charge of punishing the woman, he'd torture her cos how can anyone bake their own kid. 'I'll stick her in the furnace but make sure it's one where i can still see her then when she's about to die, i'll take her out and then heal her abit like send her to the doctor or freeze her (wtf! how does freezing help!) and then stick her back into the furnace and let her die.'


ho shit i think i'm going out with Jigsaw.

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