Monday, January 12, 2009

The One With Virtual Streaking


i'm stuck in the office now waiting for my mom to be done with her work. i'd finished like an hour ago, my boss's wife spent the last hour gaping at the Opera browser i downloaded - which is nothing special - cos anything that isn't IE is better and cooler and i cleared off some Godzilla virus off their laptop and now i think they love me haha.

with 6+ months ahead of me, initially i was thinking of working till May then sign up for classes to learn something new. Cos so far the only productive thing i do is read and i feel bad not doing something productive that i hate. like studying. but i can't study anyway cos i don't have anything to study unless i go out and buy that fat book on precalculus i saw when i spent my 2-hour break at Times but what if i don't understand then i'd have wasted all the hard-earned money i got from deleting Godzilla viruses off my boss's laptop on nothing wtf.
so i was thinking either :

1. Dance Classes (i'll be forced to exercise cos i'm paying for the classes and i'll feel to guilty to skip any).
2. Sewing Classes (cos nothing ever fits me properly and i hate how expensive it is to just cut something shorter and sew it back when i send it to the tailor's. might as well do it myself hmph).
3. Wine Course (no idea how i'm gonna get to this i'll have to ask Auntie Helen cos the only thing i know is the wine supplier at W.I.P. provides this)
4. work somemore cos you can never have too much money.

though i don't think i'm good with money when it actually does reach me. i was trying to put off getting my pay from W.I.P. in case i spent it on things that i claim i need. like how i 'need' that necklace i saw online the other night just cos it had a teapot pendant. and i 'need' to buy more books to read cos it's good for me but i have 3 lined up for me now. and cos Jun-Elle is going back to Penang for CNY, i 'need' her to buy the first season of Samantha Who for me cos it's cheaper there. see - i'm horrible with money. i should just keep shoving in money into my account and forget the password wtf.

6 months of battling with myself ahead.

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