Thursday, January 29, 2009

The One With My Take On Bumming


it's only the end of January and already i'm fidgeting like crazy not having college to go to. how am i gonna survive till July! T.T i can already feel myself becoming more stupid and i'm getting more and more forgetful. i'm forgetting unimportant things but i hate struggling to remember names and things i used to know. on Wednesday the Butthead and i watched Underworld III and he said the creepy man with the creepy eyes is that octopus captain from Pirates Of The Carribean.

and i spent the rest of the movie trying to remember to octopus captain's name. and i slept also lah but i was thinking of his name too so finally i gave up and googled it and now i'm all relieved (Davy Jones Davy Jones) but still - i feel like my brains are melting.

okay anyway for those of you who are taking SPM this year and you'd like a break after - which is probably none - here's how it's like waiting for SEVEN MONTHS till your break is over.

1. you feel like you're getting more stupid.

2. you start spacing out everytime you've to do simple math and usually ask the person closest to you to do it.

3. days pass by in a flash cos all you do is eat, sleep, watch TV shows and you begin losing track of dates.

4. so you get a job so you wouldn't feel so useless and it's nice to have money.

5. if you're unlucky, you get a boss who speaks Manglish (like me aaaargh). therefore, no. 4 backfires and you start becoming even more stupid because you're so used to having to communicate in Manglish during work that it starts leaking into your overall speech. the other day i spelled 'your' as 'you're'! i absolutely HATE it whenever i read it on other people's blog cos it's such an unnecessary mistake to make and i made it. it's like having always been a unicorn and suddenly one day you look down and you're a donkey. *emo*

6. then after 2 weeks or so of work - which usually isn't much if it's office work - you get bored. and work starts getting reeeally easy. and you're back at no. 1 cos you're so used to it that it's like putting on underwear so you're still getting more stupid. and you get excited over things like lunch and riding in the elevator to pass stuff to other departments.

7. later on though, you will counter-attack the boredom with ways to amuse yourself. like scheming to make phone calls to your boyfriend with the office phone (once my boss was out and i talked for more than an hour gahahaha) or doing your work and surf at the same time thus making you much slower but you reason with yourself that you're depressed with this job and deserve whatever fun you get squeeze out of your daily 8 hours.

8. at the end of the month, you get your salary. things don't seem that bad anymore. you tell yourself to go on working but really it's the love for moolah talking. i wonder if this is how adults can stay at a crappy job for years - just for the money.

haih i dunno lah i hated studying for SPM so much but i go all green now when my friends say they've got exams. okay must keep my goal in mind save enough to put a downpayment for a car. but i'm not going to buy a car lah, just like having that much money huhu. i've got a weekend job now so maybe that paired with my 4-day week job it'd be enough to keep me occupied. still have to think of a solution for the becoming stupid thing though.

goodluck to all you lucky bums who've got exams to study for. hate all of you hmph.

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