Sunday, January 25, 2009

The One Where I've Seen The Light

everyone, recently i have come to realize what i want to do with my life. i have seen that money isn't important. i have seen that worldly treasures only provide short-lived happiness. i have seen that being so conscious about one's appearance (especially losing weight) is such a waste of time. i have applied to go on a homestay program in India and will be leaving in March, i'm so excited!

okay now, if you're a JAKE or Jits or Aaron and your eyes are bulging a little out of your sockets and your mouth slightly ajar - shame on you. let's see how many things are wrong with the paragraph above :

a) money is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. i've said it before that i like sniffing it so of course i love it, therefore it's important wtf. Jits should know this he likes sniffing money too. i think we sniffed it together once haha.

b) okay my Sunday School teachers would be so disappointed with me but you know that RM25 black satin dress i wore to IU Day, the one i crowned the best purchase of 2008? yea well i still smile whenever i see it in my wardrobe cos it was such a wonderful find - perfect fit, cheap, and so pretty. it's been like months but i still get happy when i see it so it isn't that short-lived. can't wait till i get another chance to wear it huhu.

c) now this one should be a big fat clue - me saying working hard to be skinny is a waste of time? i swear i'm gonna be one of those moms who'll pack her gym clothes in the same bag as the one she's grabbing to go to the hospital when her water breaks. if i don't go back to my normal size after i give birth, i'll bake my baby. either that or my husband - whoever my unstable self decides is at fault for inflating me grr.

d) and the homestay program is probably the only thing remotely true in that paragraph 'cept not to India lah it's a bit too ambitious to start there. i'm thinking of saving up and maybe going on one during a break after my pre-U. maybe if i've enough i'll go to somewhere in Europe and bask in the culture.

so anyway, i'm still my superficial wannarexic self. only i might be a bit sad that i don't have college to attend. but one awesome thing happened this week - i got another job! my mom had to take me all the way to Kelana Jaya - the one place in KL where even if you handed her a GPS and a map with photos she'd still get lost - and she was so worried that i was gonna get kidnapped/raped/sacrificed. but it turned out really well. the company does some 3D image printing thing and my pay is a 3-digits number per day and i get to be around kids!

i was interviewed by a white guy so he got all my jokes - when i grow up, i'm gonna work for white people i feel so sad whenever no one gets my jokes - and i got called back at the end of the day. and i'll be in the BSC branch somemore - white kids! it's like Karven's Mt. Kiara kindy job huhu. life is wonderful *happy sigh*

oh this afternoon the Butthead was trying to prove that he knows music really well - i don't doubt it 'cept he usually knows the names of songs and artists but he can never cough it out, always at the tip of his tongue. i was saying Jun-Elle's probably the most knowledgable person i know when it comes to music since she knows old fuddy duddy songs to the new stuff and he asked me to test him so i asked if he knew ABBA :

din : ya there the musical was made out of all their songs right?
est : ah huh what's the name of the musical?
din : there the - the - something to do with period wan -
est : HAHAHAHAHA! (he meant 'Menopause', totally different musical)
din : the one with alot of women and that actress from The Devil Wears Prada. what's the name of the song?
est : wtf the song is the name of the musical!
din : yea was hoping you'd say it.
est : wth hahahaha! what's the name of the musicaaalll?
din : Mouthwash?

and here, everyone, is where i fell backwards laughing very hard. oh don't worry, we were on the bed so my now hardly-ever-used head didn't get hurt.

i'm gonna spend the rest of my evening watching The Big Bang Theory and maybe Twilight Zone. can anyone recommend a scary episode for the Twilight Zone? i haven't watched any that scared me like the one with the gremlin yet.

aaand Happy Chinese New Year :)

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