Saturday, January 31, 2009

The With The Chipmunk Chicks

i'm at BSC now, Sunday shift for my weekend job and i get this booth thing all to myself with a digital camera and laptop and internet connection that's so fast i've run out of things to do and now i'm watching kiddie movies.

why kiddie movies?

cos i work at this Megakidz-ish kinda place and the children love to come waddling to my computer and yell, 'what you watching! what's that what's that? ghost ah? is it? is it a ghost? IS IT A GHOST!' so i pick kiddie movies just in case one of them comes so having them accidently hear words like 'fuck' or 'sex' wouldn't happen lol.

my favourite customer today is Shaun, who kept yelling my name from inside the playground-prison asking if i'm done with his picture. and earlier there was this blond boy who was waiting for his daddy to put on socks so he skipped back and forth mumbling to himself then by the time he had to enter the playground, he was panting hahaha so cute!

then there were these two girls who came in holding hands and they each had this tiny flower thing. i figured out what it was :

the one in a blue dress watched as her friend put on her socks then, out of boredom i suppose, she sniffed her flower and her eyes lit up, 'HANNAH HANNAH SMELL MINE!' and she shoved the flower under her friend's nose.

oh then there was this girl i almost convinced to buy our novelty stuff (i shall speak more honestly about how i feel 'bout the things i'm selling to those gullible, innocent kids once i quit this job) whose mom said she doesn't want it now cos her daughter's all sweaty after playing so maybe next time. i think the girl had ADD or something cos she came back and kept asking me to go grab a balloon for her from the ceiling then when i started explaining that i couldn't, she stopped listening, glanced around and screamed, 'MONKEY!' and proceeded to run away to the stuffed monkey stuck in the fake tree.

very amusing, i can get used to this. ;)

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