Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The One With The Most Important Decision I'll Ever Make

Din asked me to marry him.

Haha wuz just kiddin' he didn't lol okay no the decision i'm going nuts trying to make is -

- should i cut my hair short or not? Okay it's a rhetorical question cos nobody ever says anything in this blog except my sakai friends. Lol. I haven't used sakai since i was like 5. Lol. But yea i'm so frustrated. The other day Din left me to rot in his room so i did the most natural thing to past time - look in the mirror. And all of a sudden i liked my hair O.O i was so so set on cutting it after SPM to look like this :

I might not do the one-side-long-one-side-short thing though. I've already announced to the whole world that i'm cutting it and all of a sudden - i like my hair now. Din said i might end up looking like a boy if the hairstylist butchers it. Then when i go to work the kids'll all call me Esther kor kor instead T.T


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