Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The One With Abandoned Broccoli & Butter

i don't like what i see anymore. not that i used to, i just didn't mind it as much. it seems that everytime i try something new, it turns out to be something wrong. or it just doesn't feel as great as i thought it'd be. it's like i used to hear about oysters all the time in movies and stuff and how it's an aphrodisiac blablabla but when i did try it - it tasted like smelly one-month old fish.

today i was about to try this new thing. i got it all set up, and gave it a shot. it didn't suck or anything, just so alien to me. i tried to finish one but i kept getting stuck.

hmm. i wonder if i should continue.

i applied for a job today. it's in TD so it'd be really easy walking home everyday. i wanted to go back to RYO since that place is great after all. free chocolates, awesome interior, toilet that smells nice all the time. but Mom said they got someone already. i was upset but a little relieved. being in that place can really drain a person. it's like the perfect place to work at but when i look at all the adults around me, it scares me that i could turn out like one of them. i don't want to be like any of them. i don't want to be the girl who gets scolded all the time and can't stand up for herself. i don't wanna be the woman who was once pretty and way ahead in her career but now she looks 10 years older than she really is and everyone hates her. i don't wanna be 29 and need a 16-year-old to call a repairman to fix my computer.

ah well maybe this other job'd be better. if i get it. kids don't bother me as much as adults do. they never think they're smarter just cos they've got more wrinkles. well cos they don't have any. or maybe this new thing'd work out.


what's your stripper name?

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