Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The One With The Recycled Snapshot

black yeowches.

Woo two-week break starts today! We just went through probably the most brain-killing day of SPM - Add Math and Moral in one day. My hand's got red patches already.

I think it's very unfair though. Alot of us have to endure doing two writing-only subjects in one day and P. Islam is tomorrow. Pfft.

I've been having this weird craving for chapati lately. This morning i wanted to go have breakfast (gasp!) before our Add Math paper but someone slept through all 32 of my calls. Okay maybe not 32 but it might as well be and not make a difference because when the Butthead sleeps it's like he boards a plane to Russia or something. And his sleep-talking hardly ever makes sense.

Once he mumbled something about MCA.

Another time it was about airplanes and strategy.

And there was hotels once too.

The other day he rolled over, wrapped his arms around me and mumbled, 'aren't i adorable zzz..'

But i think cos i've told him so many times that he talks nonsense when he's asleep that once he mumbled something then i was like, 'huh?' and he was like, 'no nevermind i talk alot of nonsense zzz..'

Sigh. Naps with the Butthead sure are amusing. I think the only other person i had funny memories that involved sleeping was Karven. Zomg that girl used to sleep like a stampeding elephant. Haha okay it was just that one time where i stayed over (we were like 8 i think) and i was very uncomfortable being away for the first time without my Mom. So i was awake when she'd fallen asleep and we were sharing a queen-sized bed and outta nowhere she rolled over, pushed me flat against the wall and grunted.

The other time it was during the scouts camp in Camerons. We had to wake up for jaga malam and we all slept like corpses so Wee Xian had to wait outside and hiss, 'wake upppp' cos he can't enter a girl's tent. I woke up first so i tried waking Karven up. I shook her abit and all she did was grunt. So after a while i realised we really had to go otherwise - i dunno - we have to do pumping or something. I was a sissy girl so that scared me enough to get up.

I got annoyed since she refused to wake up so i grabbed her by the shoulders, shook her like as if to check if she was alive or not and - nothing. Her eyes were still closed and mouth slightly open. Oh and i think she slept on Jun-Elle too. Yea she probably rolled over, grunted and just squished her.

Wait - what was my point?

Ah right, chapati. Um yeah. I feel like having chapati. I think imma go ask the Butthead out for supper because i can stay out late because i've just started my two-week break huhu! Oh in case any of you think SPM is over, it's not. It's just that we Ikhtisas students have two weeks till our Econs and Accounts paper.


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