Monday, November 24, 2008

The One Where The Insomniac Resurfaces

I've been having trouble sleeping. Like alot of trouble, to the extent where if i close my eyes to force myself to sleep - i get a headache from keeping my eyes shut. Last night was probably the worst, i had a whole bunch of boring stuff lined up for me to think about before bed and none - of - them - worked. I woke up at lunchtime to Jordan's sms.

Judging how it was written in present tense, i replied accordingly while pulling the curtains so i needn't be bothered by sunlight. I don't care if everything around me is screaming that it's afternoon, it's nighttime if i want it to be.

Then he called so i could tell him he's pretty lol. Well kinda anyway, i could tell the after-DIC fever had hit him and he missed it. Hope the rest of you had as much fun as he did, the boy sounded like he'd just come home from Disneyland. =)

The past week has been slow, but scary slow. I keep going through my economics book and i'm scared. The last time i got an A1 was also my first. I have no idea how i did it so i don't know how to redo that magic and this time it's SPM. Economics is one of those subjects where you've learn how to study it and not just headbutt it and study blindly. Like you actually do better if you stop thinking with your head and start memorizing instead. Cos you can read the chapters over and over again (like how i used to) and still only get a B4.

I realised our trial paper was full of Form4 stuff so it was easier so what if this time it's full of Form5? I dunno what to do if they give me that import barang nampak thing cos i can never tell what is barang perantaraan! And why is it that the latihan books seem to have more points than the reference books! It's like i might as well read the answers and chuck the long-winded explanations aside. Sigh.

And accounts. I feel bad cos i keep putting it off cos i'm more scared of Econs and i tried doing a question today and it said to do an 'Akaun Untung Rugi dan Akaun Pengasingan Untung Rugi' and i was like, 'heh?' cos usually it's Penyata Pendapatan dan Pengasingan Untung Rugi and i could just look behind for the format to start the question but noo i ran off to watch Hannah Montana instead telling myself i'll ask Derrick. And i won't be seeing him till Sunday. Sigh. But -

- only one more week to go! Then! I can officially! Burn! My uniform! Wheehuhu!


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