Friday, October 24, 2008

The One With The Wunnerful Snowman

I think i'm not the only one who gets alot of 'Ok' replies from Derrick. Then there are times when he adds a little bit of funny in 'em.

teacher, sorry i might be a bit late cos of the rain.
okay, swim faster!

teacher, sorry i forgot to take down the time for my accounts paper tomorrow. can you help me check?
it's at 3pm but i can't finish the paper 2 in time. would you mind takin paper 1 first?
oh okay i'll take paper 1 first.
okie dokie see ewe tomorrow then!

Only a few more classes and no seeing teacher thrice every week anymore. ='(

edit :

teacher, is there another time slot to take exam today after 3pm?
no la
T.T okay sorry
it's ok, maybe we can find another time if you can't come today.
nevermind it's better i take it today i don't want to study anymore hehe
okaydo, see yu zat thereedo

teacher, i'm gonna be reaching at 3.30 my mom is late.
okie okie chillax whasup
hahaha i'm gonna put this on my blog
noooooo! (exact number of o's) student blackmail teacher! call the ISA!

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