Friday, October 24, 2008

The One With Things You Just Don't Say Out Loud

i pick up my ticket and walk over to the huge mahogany doors. the boy standing guard mumbled to see my ticket. i can tell he doesn't want to cos he saw me pay just a few seconds ago but he's told to. i show him the ticket. the number's close to three digits this time. running my fingers through my hair, i walk in the best i could in these heels. i don't like wearing heels. but i'd rather suffocate my toes than allow my legs to seem shorter than they already are.

people started to turn and look at me. my eyes darted to where it usually does - the floor. i reach into my bag for my phone. i wonder if anyone else has this reflex. grabbing for their phone whenever they're stuck in an awkward situation.

'esther!' a deep voice accompanied with a smile greeted me. i give a toothy smile back. and he immediately begins complaining 'bout..well - everything. the familiarity of it all.

i could dye my hair the colors of the rainbow, add on hundreds of piercings and tattoos or dress like it's Halloween all year round - i'll still come back. at least once.

Lol if you actually get this and you think i'm silly - wait till you hear Jun-Elle's =P complete with background music and everything for her entrance.

Everyone have a nice long weekend, g'bye. =)

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elleLee said...

eh don't go and reveal my surprise. i wana awe the world!