Sunday, October 19, 2008

The One With A Keeper

So the other day, i sewed 4 buttons. And by 'the other day', i mean a week ago because when have i posted anything close to the time it happened? 'Cept the time Jits pulled his Clark Kent stunt lah hehe. Back to the buttons - i got really excited once i was done because i don't ever do anything housewifey (because that's what my Mom is around for).

I bought this online and it started off pretty sad cos it was too baggy for me. Now if ever i wanna buy anything online i'll scan and see if the girl modelling the clothes are small cos otherwise i'd end up buying a potato sack everytime. And when i took it to the tailor, i had to keep asking for it to be tighter and she kept protesting that if she made it as tight as i wanted, the shape of my boobs can be seen. -.- But it was a tunic so yea.

Here's me having the time of my life twirling around for the Butthead to see the pregnant dress (that's what he calls 'em) i put so much effort into. Eh not easy okay i needled my finger while doing it. And had to wait 2 weeks for the alteration to be done.

Okay this is probably the last time i'll be posting till SPM is over (22 more days aah!), so happy holidays to the form 3s and good luck staying sane to my fellow SPM victims. Roger and out. =)

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