Thursday, October 16, 2008

The One Where I Was Right

I've thought through whether or not i should write about this with names and all. However i think the point isn't so much who is this teacher i despise so much but what she did (and what i did huhu) that is the point.

I've written a long nameless post before this (even the subject she taught wasn't included) about this very stupid encounter.

I never thought i'd had to go through this ever with a teacher because even if they are, sometimes, very close-minded or they just don't like us for whatever reason, i never thought i'd have to deal with one who is so immatured.

Our first English paper this year was a short one, all we had to do was write an essay. It was something about smoking. When i got back my paper, i was really shocked i got 54% but i told myself maybe i didn't get the question right or something. She insisted i explained to her what i was talking about so i did lah. And after like 10 minutes of her asking what did this and that meant in my essay - all i wanted to do was slap my forehead and go back to class because it was as if she spoke a whole different language, nothing i said could make sense to her. She said my first paragraph PROMOTED smoking. I gave up and just dealt with my first C5 in English.

Then later on for my midterm i got an A2 but this time i really knew she had it in for me. For my first essay - which was some report on a break-in in the school library - i got really low cos it was 'too descriptive'. Good if it were for continuous writing/descriptive essay. Anyway i looked at Jun-Elle's paper and mine was shorter than hers and it was like basically the same thing and she got way higher!

I was so pissed so i went to look for the English Ketua Panitia. Don't need names but anyway when i went to see her, she was at the canteen. So i think she could see i was really upset i couldn't even tell her properly what happened since there were other teachers listening i just asked her to please look at my paper and compare with Jun-Elle's.

'Who's your teacher?'

When i told her, all the teachers there snickered. And they're the good ones.

So later that day i got back my paper, she said there's nothing wrong with being descriptive and i definitely should have gotten more. I asked if it's possible for my Mom to write a letter asking for another teacher to mark my trial paper and it was. My Mom wrote the letter, came to see the PK Akademik, and i kept my fingers crossed till trials came and passed. I don't know why but i kept imagining her strangling me in the middle of class if she found out what i'd done lol might be because she threatens to kill her students.

Oh in case you're wondering - i'm not totally sure myself - i think she hates me because of the Interact Club. Something to do with her little buddy who was supposed to be our Teacher Advisor. Again this gets me into trouble alot but i don't care.

So when i got my trial paper back - guess what? Whoaa all of a sudden from a C5 early in the year, with no difference in the way i write (i refused to change just to accomodate what she thinks is right), i got 34/35 for my first essay and 49/50 for my second. God i knew she'd do that just to shut me up.

But ha ha i didn't, i passed my paper to the teacher who's supposed to mark my paper and she thought i wanted more marks. That was basically the point of getting another teacher in the first place - cos mine was giving me really low marks. Though i kinda knew she'd pull something like this so i insisted i wanted the other teacher to mark anyway cos i wanted marks i deserved from a competent teacher.

So from an 88%, i dropped to an 84% but am very proud of it lol at least i proved my point - it's not how high i got it's the fact that i didn't let that monster get what she wanted. Cos whether or not she likes it, she's a horrible teacher. Oh did i mention that during class - any answer other than hers is utterly wrong? Yes, even your choice of words has to be like hers.

I'm so glad i'm leaving.

Moral of story (lol) : never let someone push you around just cos they're older or - in their eyes - smarter than you. If you know for sure they're dead wrong, double check with someone else then fight back. I'm not saying you should pick a squabble with every teacher that doesn't do or give you what you want, we can't always get what we want - but when you know you're being bullied don't be a sissy and just let them.

Plus it's kinda fun when you know you've gotten to them and they can't fight back. ;)

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