Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The One With Trophy Girlfriend By Day, Bolster By Night

i used to worry 'bout alot of awkward moments with boys before Butthead. even tiny stuff
like accidently opening your mouth to say something when it's full. or how to zip through the silence when he does something embarrassing. like spit in your face when he's talking and you both know it's there on your face cos it's like right there.

or if you're like me, he'd probably know from the mortified expression on your face between the second the spit left his mouth and when it lands.

lol but that's never happened to the Butthead. nah he's in a whole other league. once he was sick and he was having dinner while i waited for him. he blowing his nose and throwing his tissues into a pile and normally, this'd gross me out. so yea it did.

'You're so deesgusting,' i said. 'Do you do this in front of your friends ah?'
'No - ' he replied, ' - but you're like family.'

and poof just like that, no awkwardness. i didn't even find it gross anymore. cos after he was done with dinner i threw his mountain of tissues away for him.

then there're the times when zits come visiting. this scared me more than most and what's worse is it's impossible to hide the ones that come when Aunt Flo is about to arrive.

but we got through that too. he named on of them Penelope (we'd just watched Club Dread - don't watch if you're a girl) and i named his Percy (cos my forehead kept accidently bumping into it and it hurt like crazy for him so i gave it a sissy boy's name). both beginning with P cos P for pimple ma wth lol.

yea well point is - long gone are the days i used to worry 'bout how to behave around boys. now, gotta go sleep 've got two hours before school. g'morning and toodles. =)


i stared up the ceiling and tried to stay as still as possible. gah he probably won't realise even if i flung myself off the bed, i thought. i wiggled myself till i was as comfy as i could get. after a while i glanced at the fatso who's using my arm as his pillow. did you know he gained 10 kg? okay he isn't fat but his jawline is only visible now when he sticks his chin out hehehe.

so right, i peered down at him and he was, with his mouth open, dead asleep. he was wide awake just minutes ago. then he blinked and rubbed his eyes. he lifted his head off my arm. something on it caught my eye.

'Yer you drooled on mee,' i whined after i noticed the little mess he made on my arm.

he bit his lip then wiped it with his hand then looked at me - as though it would erase his booboo. i smiled and looked away.

if only he knew i've done it before. hehe.

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