Monday, October 27, 2008

The One With Awek & Amoi

to the one who uses me as a bolster and sometimes tickle my nose with his porcupine hair; the one who bends down to my height and ask me questions like, 'li'l girl, are you lost? where's your mommy?' just cos i'm short; the one who tells me my new shoes look like something a kid would wear eventhough he knows i'd throw a fit (cos i happen to like my new ballet flats okay); the one who giggles like a girl whenever i do imitations of him; the one who told me to do whatever i wish to do when i told him i think i need a nosejob;

est : i think i'll save up for a nosejob, mine flares at the sides when i smile. it looks like Xiaxue's one before she got a nosejob.
din : do whatever you wish to babeh.
est : wth you're supposed to say my nose is beautiful and i don't need a nosejob!
din : yea i know i was waiting for you to say that.
est : wah you know me well.
din : yess i know you well.
est : wth think you know me so well now isit!

(don't ask me why i sound like i keep picking squabbles it's just damn fun to talk like that lol)

the one who makes me feel i can do whatever i want - even if i seem too small or am not good enough -

- happy 18th monthaversary. =)

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