Sunday, November 09, 2008

The One Where It's Tomorrow Gaahh!

The big day is tomorrow and this is gonna be the quickest post i've ever done in my life but i just have to cos otherwise i can't sit for my papers with all this happiness and gratefulness and zomg-i-don't-deserve-this-ness. I had the greatest weekend ever.

Friday was plain wonderful, to the new board - thankyou so much T.T and i'm very sorry i threw a big, fat tantrum and underestimated you guys. I was thinking of a compliment to replace the whole raising monsters thing but um..i don't know what is the opposite of monsters so i just wanna say i raised a bunch of un-monsters with my own hands lol wth.

You guys are gonna be great. Esther's looking forward to coming back next year and checking out how awesome things are and scaring you guys with all my piercings huhu! Okay fine la not that dahsyat it's just one piercing heh.

Extra sorry's to Khalis and Jordan who unfortunately had to see me be a big baby first hand.

And thankyou for the surprise party, we really, really appreciate it =D

Plus i think you could tell from our guilty expressions.

Now to those of us who're gonna sit for you-know-what -

- good luck. =)

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