Saturday, September 20, 2008

The One With 43 Minutes

So the interview came and went. The waiting part was more excruciating than the interview itself. Having to sit alone since no one else from DP went was awkward especially with that group of shrill girls behind me who were loudly announcing to the world 'bout what they thought of Lucas and Peyton (they should just get married and have kids and get out of the picture yadayada - hello? Lucas is the main eye candy of OTH, motormouth). And boy was i wrong when i thought there wouldn't be any nerds, the boy in front of me brought his school bag and was doing physics.

Oh right - the interview. Let's just say it wasn't bad, it wasn't good either. But i'm glad my interviewer was nicer than the others. There were girls coming back to the hall traumatized and speechless and boys coming back, telling their friends how it went and defended whatever it is that spurred what seemed like an argument.

My interviewer thought i didn't know enough 'bout the course i chose. Which was true, but i certainly didn't really like how i was being lectured on the course she was under when i'm very sure i don't want to do it. Sigh. But you can't win it all. I'm just glad i got called at all.

As sad as those 3 hours were, the rest of the day was really awesome though =) Going to study accounts now.

PS : Round o' applause to Jordan and his board for how wonderful Pn. Phang's farewell was. You guys made teacher cry woohoo! =P

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