Sunday, September 21, 2008

The One With The Camouflaged Loot

Usually i'm always late whenever the Butthead comes to pick me up. Today was no different. I did however make an attempt to get ready faster so i didn't wrap my hair in a towel before leaving, i took it with me instead. I started doing this after cutting my hair short cos for some reason wrapping your hair in a towel makes it softer. Something to do with humidity and moisture.

So as he turned on the telly, i tudung-ed myself and lied down. Then he lied down next to me and sniffed my head and between sniffs he raved about how my head smelt like peanut butter and butter. It felt weird having another head attached to mine - and his nose making it feel like i had a tiny vacuum cleaner at a spot - so i rolled around and stuck my head between pillows to ward him off till we settled down and watched America's Got Talent.

My shorts probably slid down a few centimeters from all that rolling but anyway i was lying down on my front, minding my own business when outta nowhere -



And just like that - my very first wedgie. Sigh well at least it was someone special.

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