Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The One With Three Months From Now

I sat down and had dinner while watching yet another episode of something that's not gonna help me get an A for add math tomorrow, or for any subjects for that matter. After dinner i've to study, i thought to myself. I rolled my eyes at how sick it's getting to be, always having a book or pencil in my hand.

But thinking about it, 3 months from now, i won't be doing this anymore. No more reading Sejarah and cracking racist jokes for my own amusement in my notes. No more memorizing Moral nilais the night before the exam and typing all 36 out before bed. No more classes with Derrick thrice a week.

Since January i've been dreaming for that day to come. The day my last Econs paper finish and i'm free. Free not just from studying like a dog, but free from school. Which has morphed into a hellhole since the first time i set foot into SMK Desa Perdana. And i'd also be free from work, free from having to speak broken English with our magazine printer and get angry at the shitface designer for throwing away our students' artwork without asking.

I'd always had the same little scene i replay over and over again in my head. It's really superficial. I see myself walking towards the entrance to Butthead's college after my classes are over for the day and it's so short but i keep replaying it, just with different outfits on me. Sometimes i'm with Karven but usually not (solly boss damn mafan to think of clothes for you also lol).

So it seems like the only thing i'm looking forward to is getting to pick what i wear everyday - which i know is gonna get tiring and irritating eventually.

But in my eyes i see it as finally getting to look the way i really am. No more clipping up my fringe, no more wearing my skirts knee-length, no more fatass schoolbag.

Like everybody else, i'll probably suffer from missingitis by the time March arrives. Aw i miss school! I miss wearing my uniform! I miss Pn/En (insert name of fav teacher)!

Or maybe i'll end up like the other handful who leave and never look back.

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