Friday, September 12, 2008

The One With The Anticipated Call

GAHHHH! Haveigotsomethingtotelleveryone! Actually not tell, more like brag because that's what we do when we've got something to be happy about muahahaha. Eh don't judge me k, you know you do it too.

So anyway. Today was like any other Friday. Oh except we had trials and had our English paper. But yeah nothing to go nuts over today. So during tuition my phone buzzed but i didn't care cos the Mom loves calling every Friday, between 4.30 to 6. To annoy me, i suppose, since i've told her so many times Derrick doesn't let us answer calls during class. So after tuition i checked my phone. But - the number wasn't my Mom's office number. It was a Subang number (don't ask me how i know this damn liuliu to tell). And that only meant one thing for me.

I started getting excited but still tried to calm myself down in case, you know, it's not what i was hoping it'd be. I kept redialling the number for 10 minutes because it was busy. I called my Mom to ask if they had called her instead since they couldn't get me.

Then i had an incoming call. It was the same number that called earlier. I said omgthey'recallingagainbyebye to Mom and picked up.

'Hello? May i know who is this?' said a woman on the other line.
'Um Esther?' said i.
'Esther Leong Yuet Mei?' she asked.
'Yes,' said i, shaking with anticipation.
'Okay i'm calling regarding the Taylor's Principals Award. You've been shortlisted to come for an interview next week - '


=D =D =D =D =D

Interview's next week Saturday. Will be accompanied by the Butthead - gonna make him carry pompoms and cheer for me huhu! Lol no lah just gonna have him there to crack jokes and un-uptight me if i get all tensed.

Thankyou Veena for making me apply for it in the first place. Imma be treating myself to movies all night long woohoo, so have a great weekend everyone. =)

I know i will.

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