Friday, July 18, 2008

The One With My Reason For Living

No, it's not tea.

Neither is it a boy.

It's - my internet connection. Yesterday i was awake at 6 in the morning, streaming 11 videos at once - because the server thingie from China was on full speed so all videos on the site i go to for TV were streamed in like 2 minutes - and i had this icky feeling up my nostrils and my eyes were all squinty from dryness. Yet as i lied down on my bed watching Hannah Montana, body temperature yoyo-ing between very hot and very cold as my fever pleased, i've never felt more contented than i did then. And i knew why.

Last Saturday, i'd been awake in the morning - again streaming more TV shows - when suddenly my internet connection went out and i panicked so i called my mom and she said this was my punishment for my recent results and i argued a bit, complaining that i needed it to do stuff for the magazine but to no avail. I hung up and sat silently for a few seconds, then the tears came. That's when i first knew why.

My internet connection is like my supply of oxygen. It's the first thing i turn on when i wake up (i don't even turn on the lights to watch where i'm going), when i come home from school, when i come home from tuition. Maybe this is why i'm such a hermit it's because i'm connected to the outside through the wonderful blessing that is the internet. Anyway, apparently it takes more than a month of neglecting bills before it gets cut so now i have my baby back T.T and Saturday it just got cut for a while or maybe God just really loves me whichever i don't care T.T

Sigh so happy. Just came back from the best finale after finishing all of Derrick's papers. And eventhough i brought my books naturally i didn't touch them and instead spent the night emo-ing a little then kickstarted back with PS2-ing Simpsons Road Rage (i don't wanna play anymore i can't drive for nuts) and RAW (i don't wanna play anymore i don't even know how to move left and right T.T) and Disney Channel.

I think there're side effects to watching so much TV online the TV was left on last night and i woke up when Hannah Montana came on and when Aladdin came on - why am i like this i can't even wake up to my alarm unless i set 6 alarms before the time i'm actually suppose to wake up. Okay i'm gonna be good and *takes deep breath* - homework. There i did it! Everybody go study only like zero days left to trials ade huhu.


Us and our inner dorks. =B

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