Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The One Where I'm Preggers (The Horror!)

Today, Jit Siang and i plotted to blow up Pn. Everything-Is-Sexual-Harrassment's car when we leave school.

Today, my hate for Ragunathan inflated to the power of 10. He is so annoying - whenever we're talking (and it's actually about add math), he'd waddle his way nearer and go, 'Anything? What's that? What's that?' and the more annoying one is when he'd waddle to our desk and look at our stuff ask accusingly, 'Is that add math? Is that add math?' and we would all have add math books and Derrick's notes and it takes, 'YES IT'S ADD MATH' to make him shut the eff up. I'm so pissed he should just let us do whatever the hell we want cos it's not like as if listening to him 'teach' works he should just go take a year-long vacation and get liposuction or go to a rehab center for disgusting people and make himself less repulsive. Or maybe Jits and i can blow up his car too.

Today, i decided imma apply for Taylor's Principal's Award since they want active-in-extra-curricular-activities kinda students and not 10A1's kinda students. And and if i get it, i'll be able to do exactly what i want and i won't have to study for SPM anymore muahahaha! Okay no lah i'd still study too ego-bruising to have 9Gs on my cert.

Today, i thought about how close Pelantikan is. And i got emo for a while. But only a while cos then images of me wearing my Interact tie and name tag made me too happy and it didn't bother me that in just a mere few months we'd be flung into the real world.

Today, i slid down a flight of stairs with my whole body stretched 8/10 the length of aforementioned flight of stairs.

Today, i've found the motivation to do my homework that's been MIA for years. And that is finishing all of 'em with a drawing of a dinosaur next to my name before passing it up to Derrick.

Today, Ragu and i bullied Junn Zhen. And Ragu got money from him somemore haw haw!

I'm gonna go think of something to write about for my 300-word essay for that scholarship application and start asap. Sigh just how does someone with a degree in Psychology serve this community? The only thing i'd probably be able to do is brainwash people into losing weight.

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