Friday, July 11, 2008

The One With A Different Kind Of Epic

Everybody wants to tell that story, because we're each entitled to one prince charming or princess. That story of how two people who may be frogs in another person's eyes but when joined with their other half - they're seen as perfect, because - they're meant to be.

It's not as easy as it looks though. Every once in a while we get real lucky, finding someone we can deem to be 'the one' then suddenly - they're just not anymore.

But is it possible that we've strayed off onto the path of finding love till we've forgotten to glance at the signboards for directions? Is it possible that fairytales we read have contaminated our sight with their glittery everything and happy endings? Is it possible that because we've grown up with them that we try to replicate what we know into our own happy ending?

I was unfortunate to have been acquainted with someone who was a conman. But not the ordinary kind who'd con you of your worldly goods. He'd con you for your love. It was all too easy - all he had to do was pick up one of the many manuals better known as fairytales we've left lying around, manuals of creating a happy ending or at least - enough to make you fall. Who would've thought that all this while as we protect our feelings from being hurt, we'd left the biggest clue to get us out for them to find.

In many ways i tried to believe he could be genuine with the object of his affection. That maybe he cared - that's why he was willing to spend whatever he could to fund his happy ending. Or this happy ending anyway, till another princess who he likes better comes along. It's been long after and no, he never finished that happy ending. I always hated thinking about how well he'd con that princess and how she'd been so kind to accept him - for she deserved more. And now - he's boiling up another supposed happy ending with another unlucky princess.

Fairytales aren't all bad, they give us hope. Hope that hey - even if i've an annoying flaw like i eat at 0.0001mph per hour - i'll find someone to love me despite that. Because if a girl who have mice and birds for friends can get a prince, i'd definitely meet someone eventually.

It's when the fairytales, which are suppose to be our foundation before embarking onto that path of finding that someone, turn into our step-by-step manual and not a guide - that makes our happy ending harder to fit into. Because instead of applying what we know, we're just replicating them.

Valentine's Day? Roses and chocolates. Birthday? Jewellery. And a card. Christmas? Something expensive. How to woo her? Read her Shakespeare and serenade her. How do you prove your love? Tell her i would die without her. And how about just how far you'd go for her? I'd swim across the ocean just for a glimpse of her face.

We're each entitled to one happy ending and it needn't be identical to each other's or those we've read of. That said, our happy ending should never be perfect in general but perfect to us and hence - our very own customized fairytale story is made. But of course, the happy ending is still very far ahead.

I know of a girl whose prince cracks lame jokes all the time and most of the time all they do is watch movies he picks or stuff on Disney Channel that she picks and only sometimes they go into lovey-dovey mode and whisper cheesy, sweet things in each other's ear.

And last i checked, that was all fairytale enough for her. =)

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