Monday, July 28, 2008

The One Where Dinofly Is 15 Months Old

Little did i know that when i woke up last Saturday, it'd turn out to be one of the worst days i've had in ages. It started off with my internet not working and i comforted myself thinking that it would probably come back on in the afternoon. Then next came the butchered haircut. I know i overreact over how my hair looks all the time but this time having it look like someone who's associated with that plagiarizing scumbag just irked me more than the usual bad trim.

And the day continued puttering down and even when i thought that there might be a possible way to give it a boost - i was pretty wrong and it ended on an emo-sweet note. This is quite a big deal for me, having been off emo days for quite a while now especially since i've practically nothing to stress over anymore.

So the next morning, i woke up and tried turning on my modem but it didn't connect so i was pretty sure it was cut. I pretended that i could survive without it and that i would get used to it. Frankly, i've gotten too reliant on it. I use it to look up a word i don't understand instead of a dictionary, i use it to satiate my bottomless pit appetite for movies instead of buying DVDs, i use it for updates on current events instead of reading newspapers. In fact i even need it to study because i'm super ADD (the other one where you can't pay attention for more than like 0.3 seconds) and the only thing that'd keep me awake are TV shows.

Sunday went by very excruciatingly.

That night i was offered comforting courtesy of the Butthead. A movie was involved so obviously i said yes having not watched anything for more than 24 hours. When he came to pick me up, his brother came out to relocate to the backseat.

'Good evening, milady,' the little one said, bowing before running to the back of the car.
'Is this too far ahead? Tell me if it is then i can go back and change,' Butthead said holding a black carrier. Then he took out what was inside - The Simpsons 19th Season. He'd wanted to know if the season was too far ahead from all the episodes i've watched but i didn't care! It erased everything that'd happened the past 24 hours! T.T

Simply put, it was like being given a bouquet of roses for no particular reason by someone special. Just that my bouquet comes packaged a little differently - in the form of things like Simpsons, tea and shorts.


'Thankyou..' i said with a mixed expression of a smile and on the brink of bursting into tears.
'Welcome - now you can study and get a scholarship,' he replied.

Happy 15th Monthaversary, Butthead. =)

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