Friday, August 01, 2008

The One Where Misery Is Making Me Miserable

School's been fun lately. And last Friday Pn. Hasliza called me up to tell me something wonderful. It's pretty known i'm not the nicest student a teacher could ask for. In fact i know some of 'em even hate me for the things i've done and said when i used to argue for the club. I suppose it's a side effect having met teachers like Pn. Phang and Pn. Ti and Derrick. I've been taught by and worked with good teachers and after having that one tends to expect all of them to be nothing less. But of course nevertheless, that doesn't justify my behaviour. It's not their fault they picked a career that they suck at.

One perfect example would be this particular teacher, i'll call her Pn. Queen Bitch. I'm sure my friends agree the name sums up everything she is with just two syllables.

Now, i never saw this coming. When we got back our papers for our first Intervensi earlier this year - i was shocked. I shan't say what subject she taught but it's the one anyone can get an A1 for almost effortlessly. She 'explained' that my um 'answer' was too long and descriptive. And then she kept asking me to explain my answer cos she didn't get the message i was trying to get across.

Long story short, i explained to her and it was as though she was brain-dead or something cos from writing an um answer on 'smoking and it's harmful effects', she said the first few lines to my answer'd been promoting smoking.

I gave up cos i couldn't sit in the staffroom explaining further without punching her nose in.

Then came midterms. Again i got lousy results. I'm not saying i'm fantastic at that particular subject but she was obviously targeting me since i had classmates who were shit lazy and they got more marks. I went to ask another teacher to read my paper - just to check if i was actually shit stupid. When i went to see her there were a few teachers with her at the time then when i asked for her to check my paper and compare it with Jun-Elle's, she asked who was my teacher. I told her. And the rest of the teachers laughed.

And when i went back to see her at the end of the day, she agreed that i should probably get another teacher to mark my trial papers because 'you know her character'. Oh and that i'm not shit stupid after all.

So last Friday Pn. Hasliza told me that my mom needs to write a letter for another teacher to mark my trial papers and i've got my way out of Pn. Queen Bitch's psychopathic grip. For what it's worth, she wasn't this monstrous when she first began teaching our class. She was actually fun.

Now she's stooped so low (trust me, she's done alot more than my measly encounter) that even her colleagues don't even bother having the courtesy of pretending to respect her infront of students. In fact i doubt anyone who knew everything she's done would be stupid enough to respect her.

Oh wait. Except Misery. -.-

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