Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The One With Botox Eyebrows

Okay since i was 14, i've been using Bearshare and Brian has already done the honors of laughing at how ridiculous the name of my download program sounds but it's really fast and that's why i've been so loyal but i'm so switching back to slowpoke Limewire cos it's 12.51am and from droopy eyelids my eyebrows have shot up and haven't gone down since 5 minutes ago because i'm hyperventilating cos this Pakistani man is looking at me. Okay not really looking at me lah.

K so i was minding my own business, watching old Britney Spears music videos (to wipe my sore eyes after watching her Gimme More video) and then i got a nudge from a BearShare window. So i was like, 'Omg a person nudged me!' but in a good way cos you see, i thought it was a foreigner and that equals woot perhaps perhaps a new white bud - so i nudged back. Then 'pirsyed' was typing a message. Then 'pirsyed' stopped. After a while i realised the 'syed' part didn't sound very white.

Hmm okaay. I'll say hi first. 'Hello?' i typed. While he was typing, i zoomed off to his profile.

And i saw that (and i didn't even notice his age yet which was 32 and he speaks Urdu) so i hyperventilated and then he'd typed back, 'wanna chat?' and in my head i was like, 'Gah NO you're probably some online stalker my status is set to offline and you still managed to figure out i'm online wth!' so i quickly blocked him and resigned in cos i wanted to download more songs. Then i started to calm down. No biggie. Just some 32-year-old Pakistani man opened a conversation with me. But he's blocked now so it's okay. Then i saw a box pop up -

Can you see it? It says, 'pirsyed is looking at you'. I wouldn't've been so terrified if it popped up like say, once. But the bloody thing popped up 5 times! I resigned in 5 times, and each time pirsyed was looking at me T.T so i signed out and i'm going to bed now and tonight i'm turning on Snoopy while i sleep cos i've to ward off nightmares with the Devil as the lead plus Pakistani pirsyed.

I hate BearShare.

Goodnight all.

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