Monday, October 15, 2007

The One With A Lizard Above My Desk

Woke up to the Jun-Elle's angry sms this morning. I comforted her. I think. My brain's fuzzy when you wake me up from nightmare-free sleep. So i agreed to taking his place cos she said she was all pretty already and Bignose #2 was an hour late. But then blablabla, breakfast with Bignose #2 was back on so i got stood up.

I was looking through my locked drawer for that list of things i must do by the time i was 15 - i think - and some of 'em before i die - i think - which i wrote when i was 13 - i think. And omg i have no idea how i had friends cos i've got to be the lamest dork when i was 13. And that's not including the staring at my shoes when i see a senior and having a crush on Rick Hunter.

Anyway, The List :

  1. Too materialistic. Cannot write it here.
  2. Get baptised by 15 (with Charis, John, Justin, Luke, Ruth and Hannah). I'm 16 already and everybody around me is horny (even Jits!) so i doubt this is gonna happen anytime soon lol.
  3. Omg very stupid. Cannot write it here.
  4. Go to at least one Black Eyed Peas concert. Ah back when i loved them. Still do, just not as much.
  5. Go to at least one American movie premiere. Don't know where to even begin. Okay i'll smack my forehead for a start.
  6. Complementary to number 1. Cannot write it here.
  7. Never curse anyone. HAHA too late thanks to Ragunathan.
  8. Get first in class at least once a year every year during secondary school. Okay too late for this. I never knew the cruelty of add math when i wrote this.
  9. Read the whole Bible. Hmm. Still doable. I've read my whole comic Bible for a start hehe.
  10. Be a patient person. Would've been doable if i'd stayed a wallflower and never participated in anything.
  11. Get 5 gold medals before leaving school. HAHAHA. All i've got so far is one and i'm scared of running so yeah - cutting this one off.
  12. Play at 2 volleyball tournaments. Done!
  13. Never quit scouts unless my friends do. Wah i was damn dependent on the princesses last time. One year left so i'll stay for Rudolph and all the times i'd been happy behaving like a boy.
  14. Very stupid. Cannot write it here.
  15. Read 4 classics by the time i'm 15. Um. I watched Pride and Prejudice. Yea that's about the furthest i went.
  16. Have my very own Honda. Why did i like Hondas so much back then? Anyway still doable still doable.
  17. Kinda sensitive. Cannot write here.
  18. Get a computer badge. Sigh when i still cared about getting badges for scouts.
  19. Give Mom a makeover. Still doable, still applicable. Lol.
  20. Write a book. Er forget this i give up. After that garlic dracula story i've lost all my pizzaz.
  21. Be as skinny as Jun-Elle. Aw that time i was obsessed with my weight. Wait i still am. 'Cept now Jun's not underweight anymore and her butt's huge so now it's be as skinny as that plat-blonde girl on Xanga who's anorexic. Haha just kidding. No i really am.
  22. Start my very own website/magazine. Well i've a blog now so it's kinda done =)
  23. Okay very dorky. Why am i so lame? Cannot write it here.
  24. What the? Too out there. Don't even know what i could be thinking. Cannot write it here.
  25. The ultimate goal : BE SELFLESS. Um undoable. I spend an hour getting ready for a car ride with the driver of the car in question waiting for half of that hour - so selfless is kinda impossible now.

Someone said hi to me yesterday and after feedback regarding my response - that confirms that i am indeed socially-spastic - i have chosen to be in denial with the excuse that i was caught off-guard. And that exam stress is getting to me. Plus - i'd just taken my add math paper 1 at Derrick's. Very brain-blending - yes i know it's just paper 1 lah but i can't do log even if my life depended on it - so thus, the very um offensive conversation-starter.

No tuition tonight cos Veena told me to skip and i think Nick came back from Penang today. And the book Jun+Kar got me is very cannot-put-down. And i can't stop smiling when i'm reading it. I wonder where i put it. Oh there it is on my bolster. It's sitting there being all white and pretty. Okay yes that's a hint i'm leaving so bubyee.

PS : I love Ah-Munna-Eat-Choo. Uncletofuman is such a diva.

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