Saturday, September 29, 2007

The One With Two Solitary Lunches In A Row

I looked over to the small shelf on top of my desk. There was a pack of half-opened coffee. It wasn't the usual 3-in1 white milk tea that i'd trade all my weight loss goals for. Instead it was 2-in-1 coffee. The extra 1 that's missing is the sugar. I still remember the first breakfast it made its debut. I was nauseous within seconds after i'd downed the last drop. That morning i knew that my breakfasts are all going to be this unsatisfying without that few teaspoons of sugar so i made it a point to add it to my mug every morning. But it still tastes unorgasmic.

Right now, i am sucking in my cheeks and examining myself in the mirror to see just how much fembot my supposedly chubby face can pull off. At the back of my head i'm thinking about the extra classes with Derrick earlier. He got Derrick-angry at me about twice today. And the brain-blending it took to avoid more of it has left my noodles tangled like a mountain of cables. But i have to continue soon cos finals are in a week now.

This morning, i woke up to Chandler and Ross arguing. I'd left 10 episodes of Friends on because i've been having nightmares for the past week and i've decided to talk to one of my pastors 'bout it. Just don't know when i actually would. I know he's trying to mess with me. I know he is.

Last night, i hit the butthead in the face and his lower lip bled. I swear it was an accident. But he's okay now. Somehow i think i'm more 3-year-old lately. And yes, that led to the hit in the face. I did it with my head, not my hand by the way.

Like that pack of coffee that i can't bear to finish, i can't wait for alot of things to be done right now. Some i can't bear for it to be off my to-do/worry list because it's a snip of me, some i absolutely can't wait to be over with. But till Mom comes home to take me out for more nerding materials, i shall just facial-fembot my hour away. It's the thing that reminds me of what i can't wait to be done with yet at the same time a part of me can't bear for it to be over.


Good luck to the PMR victims! ( *cough*especially*cough*the boardmembers*cough cough*)


To Karven : 'Baby, come back.'


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