Friday, October 05, 2007

The One With An Empty Park At 10.30pm

I sat down and wasted a few more tissues before getting ready for tuition. It was 1.15pm. A shower and hair-wrap later, i took the raspberry Diflam that i didn't like. The green one's better. And left.

Twaddled my way to that 2046 lookalike cafe. Pretty much the same, just bigger. Went there anyway eventhough 've heard people saying the food sucks. I just needed a quiet dim place to read and it was empty except for an old man who kept refilling his supply of beer. A little girl with pigtails 'd brought the menu. Smiled widely at her and she smiled till her eyes were sepet-ed. Just like how mine ends up lol.

Once i was done and was sick of atoms and molecules and ions (oh and the beer-chugging man who kept burping disgustingly), i left and started walking to teacher's. Along the way bumped into the once-upon-a-time Botak who offered to give me a ride on his bike but i laughed and said it's okay so instead he rode very slowly and wobblyly while i spedwalked so he could ride faster and not die cos we were moving toward oncoming traffic till we reached Abadi. One thing's for sure. He's different.

Reached teacher's. He checked my add math. Did correction. Fell asleep on the table and woke up when Nick came and the door boomed. Fever's back.


At 9.40-ish Butthead said he'd something to deliver and turns out to be more forehead-cooling aid. But to be used not on the forehead. Doubt i'd follow his prescription lol. Car's gonna be gone on Monday so asked for one last vroom. On the way we saw Jits and i wanted to wind down the window but i only got it wound like 3cm and i couldn't even fit my nose so i was screaming in the car then finally i opened the door just to say hi and bye heehee Jits' hair was bouncing alot.

Stopped somewhere and i couldn't stop talking 'bout Ah-Munna-Eat-Choo and Uncletofuman. I love Ah-Munna-Eat-Choo.

Then on the way back i stepped on something in the backseat and it was his phone and the evil me clicked * then unlock and went to read the forbiddens.

'To my bewuffed...'
'EH!' *reaches for phone*
*ducks* 'Heehee - '
'I'm driving!'

- and i flew in front and my neck hit the headrest. So that's what it feels like to be strangled. Hence, we're even. I hit him in the face with my head, he chokes me with his driving. Kinda miss the more accidentless Fridays now.

Flu + Add Math + Sejarah + Sci = more reason to pamper unsmiley self with caffeinee.

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