Thursday, September 27, 2007

The One With Keds, Tunics & Diva Necklaces

So during the weekend i had a temp sms-buddy. I say temp because i am never a potential sms-buddy turned real buddy cos i just don't like sms-ing people who don't get all the euphemisms and embellishments i overuse in my messages plus i reply at the speed it takes Jun-Elle to finish one roti bom. After three messages where i replied 834327 hours later, the temp gave up.

The temp'd asked me more than once why am i so sad and anti-social - cos that's how i was when the temp came out with us. And today i couldn't stop talking when it's just Karven and i. And realised i'm like that with everyone else. Always more talkative one-on-one; completely anti-social with a group.

Actually - there's no point to this.

I wanted to vent about something distantly related to this but i can't cos it's :

a) mean
b) it further proves i'm - to some extent like Karven pointed out - very superficial. T.T

Lately i've been a bit too ambitious. For the short and long term. You know how everyone has a bunch of dream careers and eventually they'd pick just one and go down that path? Yea well i'm not going to. I'm gonna do it all till the day i die from overstress. Journalism, fashion merchandising, nutrition. Even if i'm not in sci stream i'd find some way and anyway there's no way can i take bio in our school's 4 Sci cos in the words of the wise Tan Jit Siang, '4 Sci sucks.' As far as i know 4 teachers quit on them already so yeah.

There's alot of other tiny things that i won't do for a living but i reeally wanna try them out anyway. What's the point of limiting yourself to one dream right? If those Renaissance dudes can stalk stars, scribble blueprints of buildings and have time for the-most-hair-loss-triggering subject that is physics, i can definitely dogwalk at dawn, come up with essay-long word doodles from 9-5 and analyze fashion magazines by night.

Okay enough keyboarding for today. Finals. No idea what is homologous and 've been lazy to look it up but must get to it. Toodles.



Wanna overhonk the lombordhini again. Which i think is lamborghini. Lol.

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