Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The One With The Frontseat Abandoner

'Wake up it's 6.30,' the mother mumbled.

Alarms didn't work again. Another annoyingtone switch is due.

I'm a morning person - don't snort - i really am. Caffeine plays a huge factor in that. If i had my way i'd have breakfast three times a day and the outsides to be forever breezy and blue like it is between 6 to 7. But this morning - for the first time - my caffeine fix made me sick. I know T.T something is wrong with me. Though it did keep me unusually full for about 8 hours.

Would be nice if Derrick taught every subject we took. He makes me feel so guilty that i see logarithms and statistics if i ever let my mind go blank. And that happens alot nowadays cos unsatisfying performance from the morning-caffeine-dept results in that.

So besides running up and down making sure all the interactors got at least donkeys for their dunnowhat koko form which we form4s don't get cos ours are alll As cos of the Merdeka performance (muahahaha) and copying Jun's add math homework - we played hangman and charades. 'Cept we drew instead of act. I was only off maid duty for Pn. Ti during charades so i was the timer.

'Assface! Buttface!'
'Assface assface assface! Buttface buttface buttface!' (i have no idea why Karven repeated so many times)
'Andrew Por!'

(it was butthead)

And after school we actually stayed back for accounts. We emo-ed. I think. I dunno. But anyway - we're sixteen! I mean, i'm not stating the obvious cos we've all turned 16 just that there's a long way to go till menopause and looking to felines for company. Oh wait i think that'll only apply to me since all the other princesses hate cats.

Aw man. I see 'em logs and stats again. I'm gonna go nerd myself out. Finals in two weeks. Bubyee.


J.A.K.E. : All Sweet Sixteened

PS : the crack 'bout our beloved Head Boy was just for hyuks.

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