Thursday, September 20, 2007

The One With Prefects' Farewell '07

Finally. Our Prefect's Farewell felt like JAKE eons ago but i'm not not posting an entry 'bout it despite it being already a week and a half ago. 'Ve never been more nerve-wrecked for any event before. 'Ve never made so many paperbags before either. But it was alll worth it to see 'em oldies smiling and laughing like nobody's business.

Esther. Jun-Elle. Karven Kwan Chia Ying. =)

With Jun's pride and joy (which she came late to put up).

Jits and i with Audreyy (who cheated on the Cheng Mun with both me and Jason on the same day muahaha).

With Wonks (whose dress's underlayer looks damn hot).

Plus Ragu (who played the wrong CDee).

Four of us with the second farewelled Mah sister.

*Audrey, it was really fun working with you. You were always that leader who cared more than most and always went the extra mile. You listened to everything we had to say and never dismissed any of our ideas and whatnot without consideration first. And you weren't boring. Lol. Sorry i made you cry during the AGM i think actually when you were talking nothing went in my ears cos not easy to sekat all the tear ducts and in the end they all came vooshing down anyway. But thank you - for the 3 lessons and what you said during IU Day. =)


*Sharon was one of those people that scared the pants offa me when i first stepped into DP (she still does a little lah but not as much). She's totally bionic - i have no idea how she manages to get so much done and not breakdown. She laughs alot and eventhough the only thing i always mention that she taught me is cheating, there's way lot more. Like somehow she gives off this it's-okay-i'm-here kinda vibe when you're working with her that you never feel shit-we're-all-gonna-die cos she'll always find some way to fix anything & everything that i've no idea how to master. I dunno how many times i've said it already but - thank you. =)

Everything was perfect despite the lack of seats and the cold and that we had to restart our performance. The mini screw-ups were nothing compared to the laughter (omg Jits is the funniest person ever!) and the smiley-faces. We're officially on our own now with our very last batch of seniors retired. But it was really fun working with all of you. The always listening to our complains, the forgiving me when i was weeks behind my paperwork, the memos, the security blanket, the peace-ing during our photo session, the awkward smirks that i don't get and making Li Xuan say dunnowhat so that you'd buy your IU Day ticket from her, the blur responses, the sudden, out-of-the-blue guffaws, the heartfelt speeches (especially the one during AGM), the 'protecting' Jun from Avinash and making it one of the funniest/thrilling story i've heard her pant out - everything.

And the not stepping on my toes at all this year. =)

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