Thursday, September 06, 2007

The One Where The Koala Squishes The Ant

We won BEST CLUB! Interact Club got Best Club AGAIN! And i don't care it's happening again next year no matter what. Was kinda nerve-wrecked when the Bionic Woman said Ms. Uptight was 'out to get us'. I boiled up. I just don't like her. She's lousy at teaching. Once she even had to explain in English, BM and Chinese and still no one got her. Oh right and she hates me. Cos i'm out of class the most and i ignore her like she's some microorganism i inhale in and cough out. She still tries to act like she knows more than she does though.

'Teacher, i've to go see Pn. Phang she told me to go during the second last period.'
*scans me with her eyes*
'You know you should focus more on your studies. Your past test results weren't that good you know.'
*scrunches face up*
'80% isn't good?'
*expression stiffens, eyes dart to my nametag*
' think for yourself lah.'

And and - when i said 80, she quickly looked at my nametag. She didn't even know which student she was referring to! And when she got busted, she just pretended like she was still right. Generally i know people get 90-something for accounts all the time but i'd just joined the stream back then. Sure, tahan her in class is no problem. Even when she picks on me cos i'm always doing paperwork from somewhere else when she's 'explaining'.

But if she did anything to Interact Club just cos she doesn't like us she's never gonna live it down. Luckily she was judging for something else. Veena, i'm sorry if you get upset over this i know how much you like her. I still hope she catches something terminal though.

Today was a wee bit more interesting than usual. It was Hari Ko-ko. There was a lion dance performance though i think the lion was more canine than feline. Our dance was like a total blur for me. I'd no idea where i was supposed to stand since i spent my morning yesterday begging for donation in TD . Veena was having a continuous fight with Sean. Jun-Elle was sick. Karven was very unhappy with her pants. Jit Siang joined in the fight and said the wrongest thing lol.

Crashcourse tonight. Have to jump into shopaholic mode before dinner and probably after also then be Flash and zoom home and play deliverygirl to drop off something for a special antler-ed, four-legged someone whose house is Godknowswhere but luckily the Recently-Confused-Over-His-Sexual-Identity-But-Is-Now-Certain knows where it is.


Note To Self : practise expressing urgency as i crash their slowdance on Saturday informing her that he sms-ed. Go Mata Juling! =D

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