Monday, September 10, 2007

The One With Limbo On A Monday Morning

So i'm sitting here. Waiting for the rain to stop. And the caffeine from the daily cuppa has yet to kick in so i can barely think. But i seem to be drifting off into a puddle (yea not much) of thoughts cos sitting here and the anticipation of something happening is very boring cos nothing's happening. Mom tried coaxing me to stay home cos she's lazy to take me to school. Anyway, i'm trying to see how i'd do penning thoughts when my mind is still buzzing from the shock of waking up after 4 hours of Snoresville.

Let's see. I'll talk about my life. People do that alot, don't they? Though for some reason they always express it in some emo tone - not that that's a problem, just saying - and is it just me or this time of the year - every year - is very...depressing? No too exaggerated. More like - blah. Yes blah. Lots of things end as the year comes close to an end.

Oh i've got something swimming in that puddle of thoughts and it's slowly pushing itself into the spotlight to be written.

Right. Okay let me get this straightened out. I read alot, and though not as much as Missy Don't-Talk-To-Me-When-I'm-Reading-Cos-I-Won't-Respond-Yo, i still do and according to Droolsalot i 'stalk' lotsa blogs which i disagree. I'd say i blog-hop alot. I think one of the most common things people go through is dealing with other people leaving.

2 years ago, i had to deal with - in a way - saying goodbye to lotsa good friends. Okay fine - about three lah. I don't think there'd be a year that'd beat Form 2. It just plain sucked when i had to unwillingly say bye cos the oldies just had to go and naturally we lost touch.

Now 2 years later, i'm as old as they were when i first came into DP and having to say goodbye - in a way - is getting easier and happens more. People change. Phew, had no idea how true that is. I tried to eliminate that gulf. But the difference is way obvious. Maybe it's cos i seem like i've changed.

Though i really should be emo about it, i will not be. People come and go. And it's okay cos there's always one or two (or if you sign a contract like us JAKEs for a money-raking scheme, then about 3-6) who'd stick by and ooh at what you did last weekend or giggle over anything & everything with you. But i'd say it was pretty good. It was a rather odd buddyship cos like, neither of us really knew how to express our care through anything but being Superman for each other when we're temporarily damsels in distress.

Mom just said she's not taking me to school. Damn. Can't smack it in Ragunathan's face that i did his homework. And can't inform our *cough*woot un-racist*cough* Headmistress that we need her to prepare her compilation of words, words and more words for the school magazine which approximately 0 students would bother to read.


Maybe someday we'd talk about that part of our lives again - a part so small but yet we can babble on for centuries about it, just cos we take it too seriously.


PS : Not an emo post. Seriously. Pics from farewell soon when i get them from Veena & Norman.

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