Friday, August 31, 2007

The One With Tag In A Mobile Umbrella Obstacle Course

As Kar Heng groggily reminded me today that i am at last 'legal' (just like him but no, Kar Heng - we can't. It's just wrong), i am jotting down a list of things i've always wanted/want to do - but just never did - before i reach that age where i'm even more legal. Most of the things are just plain wee-erd but i'm high from all the fireworks (omg they look like they were gonna fall on our faces) and laughing and all the byebye-ing to unknown (but very nice) people so let me be.

  1. Pierce my nose. (Nick i don't care i'm gonna be the first person who pierces his/her nose and you still stay friends with him/her because that is a plain lousy reason to stop friending somebody)
  2. Go on a roadtrip with the psychopaths who make me laugh like shit with Kar Heng as our food guide and Jun-Elle as our busdriver (can test test to see if Daddy Lee Yew Meng was right heehee).
  3. One night when i'm hungry during the wee hours of the morn, get someone to teman me to that Burger King (*ahem* Karven *ahem* Sushi King) on that pedestrian bridge on a highway which i have yet to identify and order a Mushroom Swiss burger. And curly fries.
  4. Take a bus to Ipoh. Alone. And stay for at least 5 days.
  5. Read a classic, finish it, and it can't be anything from the Grimm Brothers or Hans Christian Andersen.
  6. Okay though for now i kinda consider Joe as my BGF (Best Gay Friend), he doesn't quite fit the typical requirements. So number 6 - hunt down that perfect-haired, always pretty guy bud who'll always be there to coax me out of binge-ing on chocolate.
  7. Binge on chocolate. But just once. To totally fling me off chocolate cravings.
  8. Take singing lessons. (i'm tone deaf)
  9. Try all the tea there is in the woorrld! (but only once for each)
  10. Find that coffee brand that teacher likes. And see how good it is for myself. =)
  11. Fix my right eyebrow. (i dunno why but only the left one looks good)
  12. Make Zoey fall in sisterlylove with me. (i think - think - Kar Heng wouldn't mind me replacing Amanda hehe)
  13. Score an internship with either CLEO or FEMALE. (i swear i'd do anything for this!!)
  14. Take dancing classes where the teacher choreographs JT-like moves.
  15. For once in my whole secondary school life, attend an Interact function and not be remotely anti-social.
  16. Get those mono-colored shirts from JCPenney/Old Navy that i'd suffer a hundred allergic reactions at once for.
  17. Consume..less...caffeine.
  18. Visit that chinese videostore and find a show that's based on Wu Ze Tien.
  19. Read BM newspaper daily without fail.
  20. Try stringing up a BM sentence that doesn't include - 'Boss', 'woi', 'itu macam' and 'ais'.
  21. Do some sort of physical activity that proves i am manly for a girl despite the many wrestling matches i've lost.
  22. Be able to tie a ponytail again. At least for once more in this lifetime.
  23. Stargaze. On a field. But a field made out of fake grass so there no bugs'd get in my hair.
  24. Finally succumb to feeling ulu everytime someone mentions Milo Ventimiglia or Hiro Nakamura and download Heroes.
  25. Watch The Brady Bunch Movie and its sequel.
  26. Stop relying on the microwave oven and start befriending those other things you find in a kitchen that you can cook with.
  27. Bake cookies.
  28. Force Mom to make that tumeric chicken of hers that she hasn't made in 4 years.
  29. Start a fund for the bookstore.
  30. Be a dogwalker. I'm serious. When i was all hyped up about working till i evaporate for a scholarship to study overseas, i chose being a dogwalker as my choice of a part-time job. Go watch In Her Shoes and Monster-in-Law. It sounds way less stupid than when you read me writing it.


Allergic Reaction(s) Status : Cleared


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